Nyheter, reportasjer og 2500 norske fiskeplasser

Angeltouren mit Guide in Norwegen

Angeltouren mit Guide in Norwegen 

Angeltouren mit Guide in Norwegen
Anna und Matthew aus New York hatten Anglerglück auf ihrer Hochzeitsreise in Jølster. Foto: Eivind Fossheim.

Angeltouren mit Guide nach Forellen, Meerforellen und Lachsen im Fluss und im See oder vom Fischerboot aus nach den großen Fängen draußen in der Meeresbucht.Die Gewässermündungen von Jølster sind beliebte Angelplätze. Foto: Eivind Fossheim.
Die Gewässermündungen von Jølster sind beliebte Angelplätze. Foto: Eivind Fossheim.Wenn Sie über keine eigene Angelausrüstung verfügen, stellen wir Ihnen Wathosen, aufblasbare Rettungswesten und Angelscheine zur Verfügung, mit Angel und Angelschnur und allem, was ein Angler bei einem Zusammentreffen mit den Fischen der Westküste braucht. 

You won't find a more beautiful fishing spot. That's the place where you can catch trout in exotic surroundings and in water so clean that you can drink it >straight from the river. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.


Angeln Sie in Nordeuropas reichsten Forellenflüssen

During a day trip, your local guide will teach you the appropriate fishing tricks, and will guide you to the best fishing spots, showing you how to best lure the fish onto your hook, depending on weather conditions, water flow and temperature. You will learn how to catch, clean and fillet the fish and serve it boneless and garnished right from the frying pan. 900.00 NOK per person for minimum 2 people 

Jølster method

Whether you are an experienced angler or have never fished before, you are welcome to join us for an exotic encounter in Jølstra. Here, you will be introduced to fly and spin fishing and our specially developed Jølster method with an ultralight worm that imitates a hatch-ready insect larva 

Fishing together with your family

We strive to provide a great experience for everyone, whether you come alone or with your whole family.
As young as seven, boys and girls may fish together with their moms and dads, under the guide's watchful eye, completely safe. Boys or girls of this age can experience unique moments of standing out there in the river, with water up to their waist, casting their line for trout, completely safe.
We guarantee you will catch at least a half a pound trout. Only Norsk Fiskesenter AS (Norwegian Fishing Center, Inc) in Jølster guarantees such fishing. 

Salmon and sea trout fishing in Sunnfjord

Full fishing equipment with a tour guide and fishing license Day trip (24 hrs) 2,500 NOK per person 

Out at sea following the sea big fish hunting

Day trips in a fishing boat out at sea in search of big cod and other large sea fish, with professional equipment, a local skipper and a fishing tour guide. 1,500 NOK per person for min. 5 people 

Tailor made fishing experiences in Sunnfjord

We tailor fishing tour packages according to your wishes, including hiring a tour guide, equipment, fishing license and a cabin rental or hotel accommodation. 
Here, you can rent boats, otter or join big fish trolling. In winter, you can rent complete ice fishing equipment and a guide who can teach you the best ice fishing methods in the area of Lake Jølstravatnet.

Day trip with a guide, equipment and fishing license: 900.00 NOK Salmon fishing with a guide and equipment: 2,500.00 NOK Sea fishing with guide and equipment 1,800.00 NOK (min. 5 people) Extra costs for damaged or lost equipment. / Norsk Fiskesenter AS
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